August 5–11, 2024


Vaasa Sportpark, which is located in the city of Vaasa, will host the third M15 level professional tennis tournament on August 5–11, 2024. The total amount of prize money will be 15.000 USD.

At 2023 Singles’ final Karl Friberg (Sweden) won Patrick Kaukovalta (Finland).

Players from around the world

Highest ranked player at Wasa Open 2023 was year 2022 winner Karl Friberg (ATP 367) from Sweden. At Wasa Open there were players too for example from Australia.
This year’s tournament will participate all the best Finnish Players except Emil Ruusuvuori and Otto Virtanen. Finland’s ATP ranking’s nr 3 is 26th March Patrick Kaukovalta (773), nr 4 Iiro Vasa (850) and nr 5 Eero Vasa (1007).


Wasa Open 2023, winner Karl Friberg (Sweden), runner-up Patrick Kaukova (Finland).


Large number of matches

The tournament consists of singles and doubles. Qualifying matches for the main draw will take place at the beginning of the week on 5–6 August. Singles main draw will begin for all players on 7 August, with 32 players. Doubles main draw has 16 pairs. Semi-finals are played on Saturday 10 August and single final on Sunday 11 August.

Turnauksen alkuun

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Friberg Wasa Open winner, Kaukovalta had a great tournament

On Sunday 11th June played Singles’ final at Vaasa Sportpark in sunny weather and about one hundred spectators watching. Final’s ...
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Day 6 Saturday, Singles’ semifinals, Patrick Kaukovalta is playing

Patrick Kaukovalta won his match yesterday against Luca Giagomini (Italy) and plays today on Saturday in the semifinals. Opponent is ...
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Day 5, Vasa and Kaukovalta plays in singles’ quarter finals, doubles’ semifinals two Finnish pairs

Today at Friday is time for singles’ quarter finals from 12am. At Court 1 begins Iiro Vasa against Swedish fourth ...
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The tournament is organized by Vaasa Sportpark, Wasa Tennis Club (WaTC), and the Finnish Tennis Association. The event is free of charge for the public.

Contact information

Tournament director

Tommi Heinonen
+358 45 671 8025


Pertti Mandell
+358 40 510 5625